In the fall, I taught calculus (MATH 20) at Stanford University. I previously taught point-set topology (18.901) at MIT, as well as served as a course assistant for MIT's Math Project Lab (18.821). (This is a mathematical communication/writing course in which students form groups and work on small projects over the course of the semester.)

I recently served as a mentor for a high-school math research project through the Program for Research in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science (PRIMES) progam at MIT. Our project involved investigating the lattice homology of Seifert homology spheres. My students have written a research paper, which can be found here!

I have also run several directed reading courses for undergraduates through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) at MIT. I am especially fond of using Lectures on the Topology of 3-Manifolds by Nikolai Saveliev; I think it gives a great (brief) introduction to several topics in low-dimensional topology!

I was a student (and later a counselor) at the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) at Boston University. I highly recommend this experience for high school students who are interested in mathematics.