Theo McKenzie

Hello! I am a Stanford Science Fellow in the Department of Mathematics. 2022-2023, I was an NSF MPS-Ascend Postdoc at Harvard. 2017-2022, I was a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley, where I was very fortunate to be advised by Nikhil Srivastava and Luca Trevisan. My research is on the spectral geometry of discrete graphs. More generally, I am interested in questions motivated by mathematical physics, computer science, and probability theory. Before my Ph.D., I received my bachelor's degree from Harvard and worked as a trader for 2 years.
My office is 384-C in Sloan Hall.
E-mail: theom at stanford.edu
CV (updated July 2023)

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I am an instructor for Intermediate Algebra at Mount Tamalpais College (formerly the Prison University Project) at San Quentin State Prison. Find more information on the project here.
2022-2023, I taught Intermediate Algebra and Elementary Algebra as part of the Boston University Prison Education Program and the Petey Greene Program at MCI-Framingham.
In Spring 2019, I served as a Graduate Student Instructor for Math 10B (Methods of Mathematics: Calculus, Statistics, and Combinatorics). My sections' quizzes and worksheets are linked here.