Modularity lifting seminar webpage

The schedule for the seminar.

The following table lists all the lectures and contains notes for some of them. At the moment, these notes are somewhat informal. Eventually there should be notes for all lectures, and they should be a bit more polished.

Fall quarter
1 Oct 2 Brian Galois representations from classical modular forms pdf
2 Oct 9 Akshay Serre's conjecture and more pdf
3 Oct 16 Mok Galois deformation rings pdf
4 Oct 23 Brian Generic fibers of deformation rings pdf
5 Oct 30 Brandon Schlessinger's criterion and deformation conditions pdf
6 Nov 6 Samit Presentations of deformation rings pdf
7 Nov 13 Rebecca Theorems from Galois cohomology pdf
8 Nov 20 Burcu Hecke algebras and Galois representations pdf
Winter quarter
9 Jan 8 Marty Representations of p-adic groups pdf
10 Jan 22/29 Denis Automorphic representations pdf
11 Jan 29 Andrew Hecke characters and Galois characters pdf
12 Feb 5 Andrew Modular forms on quaternion algebras pdf
13 Feb 5 Mike Central simple algebras pdf
14 Feb 12 Akshay The Jacquet-Langlands correspondence pdf
15 Feb 19 Alex Automorphic Galois representations and base change pdf
16 Feb 26 Andrew Review of representation theory pdf
17 Mar 5 Mok Modular forms on quaternion algebras  
18 Mar 12 Andrew Overview of the Taylor-Wiles method pdf
Spring quarter
19 Apr 1 Simon Review of Galois deformation theory pdf
20 Apr 8 Rebecca Structure of deformation rings away from p pdf
21 Apr 15/22 Brian Structure of deformation rings at p pdf
22 Apr 29 Akshay Level raising and lowering  
23 May 6 Andrew Local properties of modular Galois representations pdf
24 May 13 Mike Taylor-Wiles primes pdf
25 May 20 Sam Congruences at Taylor-Wiles primes pdf
26 May 25 Andrew Potential modularity and applications pdf
27 May 27 Brandon The patching argument pdf

Sam took notes for most of the Fall quarter. These have been broken up to form some of the above files. His original files are here: [pdf] [tex]

Last updated May 27, 2010